Naturopathic & Chiropractic Family Health LLC

Treating the root cause of disease

Meet Dr. jane drobin

Dr. Jane Drobin is native to Lancaster County as she attended both Elizabethtown Area High School and Elizabethtown College. Post graduation she received her Doctor of Chiropractic and Doctor Naturopathic Degrees at National University of Health Sciences located in Lombard, IL. 

Dr. Drobin treats based off of the six principles of Naturopathic Medicine: 1) Healing power of nature, 2) Identify & treat the causes, 3) Do no harm, 4) Doctor as teacher, 5) Treat the whole person, 6) Prevention. 

"Too many people are using a pill for an ill or a supplement for a symptom. Though that may be appropriate at times, my job is to treat the underlying problem. I want to encourage and empower my patients throughout their journey of health and guide them while they optimize wellness and naturally treat disease." -Dr. Drobin 

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, her dog (actually all animals), being outside and browsing the local food stores. 


Do you accept insurance?

Insurance does not accept Naturopathic Medicine. Though most insurances do accept Chiropractic Medicine, we are a cash based practice. We do accept Health Saving Accounts (HSA). 

What type of treatment modalities do you use?

Lifestyle changes (diet, sleep, hydration, stress management, exercise), botanicals, supplements, chiropractic adjustments, functional medicine, labs, specialty labs, bio-therapeutic drainage, cupping, graston, pin & stretch, cell salts, homeopathy, cold laser, Kinesio-tape, constitutional hydrotherapy etc.

Forms of payment

We accept most major credits cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover), cash & checks. Payment is expected at time of service. Declined checks will result in a $25 fee.