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Do you accept my insurance?

Insurance does not accept Naturopathic health care. Though some insurances do cover chiropractic medicine,  NC Family Health LLC has opted out for non-insurance practice.  We do accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA). If requested, we do provide super bills that may be submitted to insurance companies by the patients. 

In the case of needing laboratory analysis ordered, we do use labs that accept insurances, even if we do not. Most labs are covered with the exception of some specialty labs.

Not all insurances cover chiropractic medicine and some that do may require a mechanism of injury to cover a limited amount of visits rather than providing maintenance coverage. Other insurances that do cover chiropractic medicine may have co-pays that range from $10-$50. 

To better serve our community, NC Family Health LLC uses a unique billing system to make appointments more feasible for patients.

As our 15 minute follow up appointment costs $45 (less than some co-pays), we provide unlimited services in that time frame. For example, a patient can receive adjustments, use cold laser and be sent home with therapeutic kinesio-tape as well nutritional advice. Rather than billing our patients per service, we have one flat fee.

This is beneficial for those with and without insurance because rather than billing the insurance individually for each separate modality, which can get expensive, we include an unlimited amount of services per time frame. There are no hidden costs or questions about insurance coverage.

Here at NC Family Health LLC, we do not want to limit our patients due to finances or what their insurances cover or do not cover. We provide individualized treatment plans that get our patients better. 

We have started offering basic chiropractic family care plans. For a monthly fee, the entire family may visit our office as much as they need to. Interested? Please inquire! Family care plan is beneficial especially those with large families.

If you have any questions, please give our office a call at (717) 381-5773, or send us an email at